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Self-Image Spread

Lee, I am curious to know what inspired you to make the spread you included in the book. It's very good, though I find it works rather oddly for me.

I've done three personal readings for myserlf using this spread, all focusing on unrelated issues, love, future schooling, and new home. Though I find that the first three cards are easy to put together and interpret, the idea to pick the fourth for yourself frustrates me a little.

Maybe it's because I'm so drawn to a specific few cards visually, that I always end up picking the World card. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it also fits the situations well as seeing burdens as blessings. I find that due to my continued progress of 'evolving' towards the World card, that it's difficult to rule it out in favour of another self-image. Like I can't let the other cards distract me, so to speak, from taking my eyes off the original goal.

I suppose because being Tarot readers we might fall prey to cheating ourselves knowing what cards we would instinctively select. Though you're right being able to choose your own future helps development towards it, I'm nonetheless loathe to make any variation when the answers rest so comfortably within one specific card. Perhaps I'm being too general about it?

How do you incorporate this spread in your own readings?
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