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Hi, Glaucus --

Your question is interesting. It didn't really occur to me that people might use the spread repeatedly with focuses on different areas of life. I envisioned it more as something one would do once in a while as a general reading. I wanted to provide a method of using the cards which wasn't entirely dependent on random fate for all the cards, and wanted to introduce an element of choice, to echo the fact that we have more choice in self-esteem issues than we sometimes think we have.

I can see how if you did the spread repeatedly, you might be drawn to pull the same final card each time. What you might do is not choose the final card yourself but rather choose it randomly like the other cards, and then think about that card and see how its energy could impact self-esteem in a positive way. Or, instead of choosing the World card, deliberately choose some of the cards which don't appeal to you, and, again, think about how you could possibly use that negative card's energy in a positive way.

If you try these methods, let us know the results!

-- Lee
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