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Self-Image Spread :; Another Suggestion

I'm thinking that perhaps choosing the same card repeatedly for this spread does not *necessarily* undermine its effectiveness. I mean, because the other cards have been selected randomly in the usual way, relating the final, self-chosen card to the others will still be new each time because its relationship to the others will always be different. I think it's perfectly reasonable to have one or perhaps very few cards that you identify with the most, and in this spread it seems like they become emblematic rather than predictive, like having a point of focus while meditating or visualizing.

It also strikes me as sort of like the traditional significator card, which is also chosen non-randomly. I may always choose, say, the Knight of Pentacles to represent myself, but it will mean something different in each reading depending on the other cards I choose. I personally never use a signifcator, and, strangely, none of my professional colleagues do so either. But i've been thinking lately that perhaps I might begin giving it a try, because of the ways the significator card may resonate especially strongly with other cards that are chosen for the spread. (For example, using the Kn of Pentacles for myself as significator, if other knights or other court pentacles were to appear in other positions, they would emphasize the significator more than, say, a random cup or sword card might.)

Here's an idea; maybe we can begin collaboratively to develop some new spreads designed specifically for this deck? I'm picturing in my head a card layout in the shape of the Mars symbol, or two interlocking Mars symbols....
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