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Hi Devilish Angel,

Your paternal great Grandfather Bill answers to you name, he’s quite a character and humpty dumpty shape. Bald with brown eyes he suffered intestinal problems and ulcers. A wealthy man he’s dripping in gold and his philosophy on life was live it to the full, he’s now an expert on over indulgence. He’s on your tail and you’re walking in his steps, welling up with pride he explains integrity was nurtured through his family and you’re a shining example.

He’s warning you to be alert for subtle messages a friend intends to stab you in the back out of jealousy she’s got straight blonde shoulder length hair and appears delicate with fine features. Her daughter’s around 4 with long dark hair bunched with red ribbons white polka dots. There’s an older daughter too you’re drinking wine in the kitchen chatting, possibly after the school run but this scene hasn't played out yet. Don’t disclose anything to her there’s a hidden agenda and she’s teasing information out of you.

Forecasting joy through spring the dust is settling there’s a brand new start and a promise you’ll be walking on sunshine by June he’s dropping pure white feathers all over you and leaves you with a giant heart.

Your paternal grandmother Rene also watches over you filled with love she passed tragically is tall and slender with long features, a heavy brow and curly hair.
Explains you’ve withstood persistent winds that would have blown most people away through fall and winter, acknowledging your strength and courage she’s guiding you all the way and was with you when you went for your scan or op related to polycystic ovaries holding your hand which she does often. Leaving you with a thank you there’s so much more she’d like to say but for now she offers you a white rose for purity.
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