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Originally Posted by headincloud View Post
Hi doggie paws,

Your maternal grandfather Cliff joins me, once a tall man he suffered spinal compression fractures due to osteoporosis and passed with fluid on the lungs. Eyes are blue his smile is bright. A war veteran he survived capture and was decorated with the George Cross, he greets you with a salute before taking a seat.
Headincloud, thank you for taking your time to do my reading.
I am not sure if he is my Grandpa but he did come through a couple of times to give me messages.

Sitting with a glass of bourbon smoothing his moustache he questions is the glass half full or half empty? He’s encouraging you to look at the flip side of an issue related to children. Very proud of his family he’s placing a halo around your head. Taking me to the lounge Rees is on a rocking horse on a caramel carpet. Opening the curtains Cliff says let the light in. He’s around you often loving every minute there’s encouragement to put Rees down more often with a pacifier he feels you’re making a rod for your own back, the baby is able to see him and responds with smiles.
This is so right. My back is giving me A LOT of trouble. A good percentage is due to me always carrying my daughter. On the night you were doing this for me, she was sound asleep in her room, suddenly I heard her said "HI" to someone.

There’s an issue at home that’s becoming quite well worn related to mind games, someone may be playing on your emotional weaknesses and although you’re not seeing matters clearly at the moment up ahead there’s change, the sun is coming out and there’s promise of great things happening as you charge towards your career goal and financial security, pennies from heaven the message although a sacrifice is being called for beforehand. At the moment you may be lacking the energy and freedom, your hands are tied; he bows out gracefully.
Yes, I know this person but I am trying to work around it and I am trying hard not to let it bother me too much, my main focus now is on my daughter. There is not much option now but to stay where I am till my finance is less restrain. I hope the sun will come out soon, I have been in the clouds for so long. I know money can't buy me happiness but it might buy me a bit of freedom!

Your paternal grandmother comes in protection of you. Very dark hair in a bun she’s slender framed with an air of arrogance and has a birth mark on her left jaw line. Filled with nervous energy she spent much of her time in fight or flight mode but she’s now mastered the latter, I feel she suffered with ADHD and she asks you watch out for this genetic disorder manifesting as learning difficulties.
I am not sure if my Grandma has ADHD. Maybe a few generation back but I have no way to verified this. I will keep an eye on this one.

She’s full of praise for your achievements up ahead, there’s a huge jump spiritually and you’re taking a risk but you have the strength and you also have very broad shoulders which is a winning combination and she’s behind you all the way, don’t be frightened the message. There’s literally a whole row of family coming through for you with love and support and a message of freedom, you’re radiating an aura of strength which is coming from your boots and there’s a rainbow x
This surely adds confidence to my adventure. I have always feel and sense other's thought and feeling. I have been told that I do a lot of astral travels during my sleep, that answers a lot of weird but realistic dreams I have had. I am less afraid now and I do look forward to learning more.

Thank you again for taking your time with my reading.
Many blessings to you!

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