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Hi all I’ve been really surprised by the interest and requests for info so thanks for all your messages I’ll cover the main subjects over the next couple of wks. Guides and how to start opening to them seems the most popular question, hopefully this may help some of you.

When working with guides there’s an occult law in play which states we have to ask. Our guides never impose their energy or will on us so the first step is to ask whole heartedly for a connection and that is what you’ll get via the law of attraction but nothing happens overnight, the more thought energy we channel into the wish the quicker it forms just like anything else in our lives.

The concepts of prayer (a thought is a prayer), positive mental attitude and visualization rest on this universal dynamic because everything is born of thought and nothing can exist without it, if we don’t believe we can win a race we can’t manifest it so we need to channel our wish and belief through the concepts mentioned.

Get a picture of your guide drawn so you've got a visual link, find out as much as you can about them so you can relate to them as a person, do guided mediations to meet your guide ask them to show you they’re around and they will but they won’t shout a surprise boo or physically move a glass across the table because we’d be frightened to death! That’s the last thing they want so there they've hit their first communication block, our fear.

Before we can get close to our guide we have to face our own mortality and become comfortable with life after death, the wish for contact sends us on this pilgrimage all the while we’re atoning to spiritual energies.

That in mind the relationship with our guide is built slowly on faith and trust and starts developing on coincidences, for example you may be drawn to a newspaper headline that resonates or switch on the radio and hear something acting as a message or it may be something your child says out of the blue etc, acknowledge these things and ask for more evidence.

Once we’re comfortable we move into the uncanny and on into the undeniable all the while fear is being hacked away, faith is building and awareness is growing, eventually they’ll hold your hand if that’s your wish and it feels just like someone with a body. If you’re up for this straight away go for it but don’t be surprised if they don’t, you might think you’re ready but they are they are the better judge of that.

If you’re comfortable with yourself from the outset then consciously grant your guide open access to your thoughts. If you’re uncomfortable that’s perfectly understandable but as you examine why self-awareness is kick-started then as we open to ourself we enable the capacity to let someone in.

This will potentially be the closest relationship you’ll ever have with anyone, your guide understands you better than you understand yourself because they’re more highly evolved in terms of life experience. Their love for us is non-judgemental their wish is to light our way, ultimately this level of guide is working towards a higher purpose of saving the planet they are serving us because we’re the hands on lot.

Many of us have been communicating with our guide for years mistaking it for our own thought voice, psychic information may not be what we expect hence we miss it due to its subtlety which brings us to the next communication block, sensitivity. We’re all psychic to varying degrees and any kind of spiritual or psychic work develops our senses, in tackling the blocks we could do a number of things.

1. Hack away at fear through self-examination

2. Do something to develop sensitivity. Joining a meditation group or spiritual circle is the quickest way to develop because of the conjoined group energies. Do some dream work, see if someone at home is dull enough to practice telepathy with you kids are brilliant they’re so open and it keeps them that way, if not request on here for a subject all you need is 4 each cards with different shapes drawn on them and you can both practice sending and receiving.

3. Turn attention to your guide often it’s a one way process at first but remember they can always hear you, to enable 2 way communication we have to put out that call and remain open to responses. Bring them into your everyday life by asking them to show you intuitively where there’s a space to park, ask them where the lost car keys are because it’s only by practising using our intuition that it kicks in.

we must present them with the opportunities to contact us because every time we do we are raising our vibratory energy up the scale closer to theirs like a thermometer, it doesn't stay that way once our thought turns away but every time it falls back down it never quite returns to where we started, our base vibratory rate is raised a fraction hence when we peak it gets higher and higher.

The more spiritual work we do the further we climb and our base rate keeps rising, eventually we enable the ability to stay open to the spiritual realms whilst going about our daily life, this is the state of eagle medicine. Any cards you’re working with can also be used as a medium between you and your guide until you can hear or see directly.

4. Find a philosophy, religion or spiritual system that you resonate with and aim for mastery which grants access to the higher realms or akashic which holds our personal record for this life time, once we've understood ourselves everyone else’s record opens to us because we’re fully conscious of our shadow but we have to work for it.

5. Make it your conscious aim to get on a level with your guide and you will get there.

Tarot is a philosophy and one way in, it teaches us self-attunement reflecting our blindness which we must have on side before entering for our own safety else we could do a lot of damage, picture the scenario of someone losing their temper with you and you respond through your shadow in self-righteous anger with all the personal information you need to pull the rug from under their feet and put them in a hole, you may have struck with impact and their vengeance will come back under karmic law.

Psychic ability is built on spiritual understanding, spiritual practice and self-awareness and calls for the ability to act in accordance with the higher self at all times but we’re human we’re bound to slip all they ask is that we try. Another suggestion is to explore the rituals of the spiritual traditions adopting the ones that resonate.

The first book I read on spirit guides was by someone who claimed to have a guide called Will which raised an eyebrow and left me laughing but I was naïve and foolish. Current understanding is we have two lifetime guides assigned to us at birth one male and one female for balance they’re not usually family but will share character similarities and gifts.

for example my female guide is a native American healer she spent most of her time tuned into spirit rather than those on the earth plane and lived in a tipi outside of the main camp due to her sensitivity which is a direct reflection of me most importantly she’s filled with love for me and always on call but particularly close when family issues arise, we also share similar physical problems so the capacity for guidance is huge.

My male guide Apollo is a Native American shamanistic healer his catchphrase is know thy self and his task is to teach me just that. We’re very close I tune in to him to do psychic work and in the case of mediumship he’s the link between myself and the other spirit, he works to stabilize the connection and protect me.

We may also have other guides around us who are only there when needed, one of my teacher’s Richard was a ballet dancer with a passion like no other however he’s only around me when I dance and in trance he dances through me.

My friend a crystal healer has a crystal healer with her, another friend a nurse has a Native American medicine man with her, my mum has a market trader with her reflecting her family business, another friend a reiki healer who devoutly believes in the power of prayer has a Christian nun with her.

I believe the reason so many of us have Native American guides is because it’s developing into one of the most prominent spiritual systems, their ways are being reborn in us through their teachings. Also the concept of ancestral personal guides is pertinent to shamanism and those paired will be drawn to the idea and are likely to seek out spiritual artists and the like, they are not influencing us to do this we are suited to that system of understanding. It’s obvious then how much our guides have to offer if we’re prepared to put the work in to reach them.

1 Corinthian 14:1 Keep on pursuing love, and keep on desiring spiritual gifts, especially the ability to prophesy.
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