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Hi G: Fun to see you two creating a stir! Well, it's like my dog. He's a socialite, needs lots of interaction, so I shrug and enjoy the ride. He's reminding me it's time to walk walk. :-)

By goofing around I mean just that. For example, I took Flower outside during the eclipse and looked through her at the moon. Not much light-wise other than the dimming as the earth's shadow allowed the sunrise and sunset ring to paint the moon. However, the veils inside Flower looked like black calligraphy. Hmm. This wasn't the first time I'd seen veils in that way inside a crystal, but it feels like I may be exploring further. I can do that anytime the moon is shining, so I'm sure we'll play more with that. WHo knows where that will lead??

Another example is how Flower glows with ambient light. When I noticed--due to her nudging me--I moved her around, watching her glow. I kept an eye on her in different light levels, angles and sources. I compared her glow with Ruti's, my primary sphere. Hmm. For whatever reason, Flower gathers light more powerfully. She has an inner glow as well that can manifest physically, but not always. And our play continues.

The stones taught me there is no protocal for getting to know them. If we want to use one, of course! They honor our choice and meet us in our comfort zone. My comfort zone is goofing around playing. ha! Btw, I have a lead crystal piece with an inscribed rat (my Chinese sign) that radiates nice energy.
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