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stonesatiety, what an interesting vision inside your crystal ball--(the calligraphy like lines). I, too, wonder if you can make something out of it when you see this. Makes me again want to pull one of my crystal balls out to play with them.

I recently gave one of my favorite crystal balls to my daughter. It was a small one, a bit bigger then a shooter marble. Filled with gorgeous inclusions--cloudy like that just added to its mystique. My daughter is a very good crystal ball reader, but she only has one the size of a softball that the hubby and I bought her for her birthday one year. I think her 16th or perhaps her 21st. One of those birthday 'markers'.

Unfortunately, her husband does not like all this stuff--and so she rarely gets to pull her crystal ball out anymore to play with. So, I thought perhaps this lovely small ball would work for her instead! She can easily hide it in her purse and keep it with her everywhere she is. I hope she gets a chance to read it now and will have to check with her in a few days.

Anyway, I have a few others and so I will have to pull one of them out to play with soon, too!
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