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Originally Posted by Venessa View Post
Thankbyou so much for your Educational post. It was beautifully written and encouraging to me to seek out my own guide(s). I have always been somewhat sensitive to the spiritual, and have used learned to trust my intuition as well. It has never led me wrong. I see now that I really need to develop this further. I have tried at times, but fear had come in and taking over. I was just starting to get messages, hear voices in my mind speaking to me, and I had a difficult time understanding them because it was so soft like a whisper. I also felt spirit around me all the time, in fact I was even having difficulty sleeping because i suppose spirit doesn't have the same sense of time as I do, lol. I would love to develop all of this further without fear. I would very much appreciate any other advice or knowledge you have to offer on this matter. Your readings for others have been amazing, you really have an AMAZING gift! I am looking forward to the reading you will be doing for me when you are able.
Thanks for the kind words vanessa there's another 5 before you
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