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Originally Posted by Pam O View Post
Volaaaaa, your wish of a bigger closet is yours now, the only problem??? It's filled with brooms. (Broom)
ETA: Hey, at least you can "clean" it out and have your a fabulous BIG closet....

Dear Wonderful Genie,
I wish for a most fabulous evening tonight....
Heck why didn't I discover this thread earlier I love these kinda games.

So (with hindsight,

dear Pam O: with an abrakazaam, and a wave of my hand - your evening will indeed be fabulous but will be gatecrashed by grandparents still high from a win at the bingo hall. (Lilies)

Dear Genie:

Can you tell me if Dan Carter (All Black rugby eye candy) realises he made a mistake and knocks on my door armed with chocolates and flowers?
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