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Originally Posted by LittleOne View Post
Gosh, I've just been ambling through the thread - how fascinating. Out of curiousity, does this tire you out? I get tired thinking about it!

I always wonder if there are spirits or animals about me. I once got clonked on the head by an ancestor - not one of my own though. It makes me wonder because I work with Indigenous people and I wonder if their spirits see my spirits and sometimes I wonder if they don't like it or do or if the beings even interact at all, I dunno, I'm rambling. Also, I think on my mother's side there might have been a bit of a history of having the eye.

Your list is a mile long - but if you pick up anything surrounding me and have the time and energy could you please add me to your list also?

Thank you in advance.
Hi littleone no problem not on here as much as I was because paid readings are taking more of my time. As for tiring not really, using intuition is no more tiring than using our other senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing which is a perfectly natural state to be in.

For example when a woman gives birth there will be a strong telepathic link between mum and babe at a sub-conscious level. This explains why we often wake just before the baby does or we just 'know' what's wrong with them. Around about one when the child starts to communicate in other ways the telepathic link diminishes because we're not using it.

It doesn't cost us anything in terms of energy to use our senses but any of our senses can tire when we do.
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