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Hi jdance,

Your maternal great gran Elizabeth answers your name, very pretty blue eyes long straight white hair she’s tiny but well covered with a very fun personality she was a widow but her husband Ernie is here too he says hi. He dotes on her, she was diabetic and blind in her right eye due to glaucoma but passed with liver problems.

She was always running around helping where she could due to her listening skills in fact she was never still apart from when she was reading, she enjoyed cookery and also played the spoons. Things are beginning to bloom around you as you cut yourself free from ties, she’s fixing and nursing your broken heart.

This precedes a scene where you’re swimming in open seas as a mermaid it seems you’ve found your element and your freedom and all is well in your emotional life, she’s offering you a glass of port to celebrate this.

Spiritually you’re shooting up quicker than bamboo and absorbing information like a sponge, crack on the advice aim for the top but not as a dream as a reality because you’re getting there for sure she says cross my heart and hope to die if I ever tell a lie, so you’re on a promise but she’s chuckling at her own irony. There’s a huge congratulations and a bouquet from her.

A lady I think named Gladis also comes forward in protection of you holding a sign that reads nobody’s child and there’s a sense of black sheep. Her nose is flat and turned up she has a tan sausage dog on a lead and suffered with stomach and intestines. She's a bit of a girl with a strong personality. Solid framed but curvaceous she has black curly mid length hair and her simple message is charge.

There's a knights man with a steed galloping forward and she leaves you with a spinning dice, there may be a need to take a chance regarding a job and she's encouraging you all the way, you have innate leadership ability but lack confidence, however you are at the front of a marching band here and if you continue growing at the rate you are this isn't too far into the future.

I've a large lady from your maternal side with grey curly roller set hair and a cows lick who suffered thyroid and mobility problems especially around her knees, there was also a problem with her left atria (top heart chamber). She's over the moon coming through and she's carrying the sun for you, her message is 'peace' which relates to your home situation though things are still a bit foggy at the moment.

Calm down her advice but keep your focus there's nothing to fear but you're surrounded by self created anxiety which may be triggering obsessive behaviours, she's tickled pink with your canned food cupboard. You may be attempting to over order your outer world in a bid for control over your inner world, comforting you she advises release is imminent. She leaves you with choc chip cookies, baked apple sponge a great big bear hug and a helium foil balloon, she loves you to the ends of the earth is around you often and will let you know by giving you goose bumps.
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