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Hi hayleyw,

A lady named Stella from your paternal side comes in protection of you with very dark colouring a fine moustache and grey short roller set hair. Very fussy and nervy she’s a real worrier who was stuck in a negative cycle like a hamster on a wheel, she compares her jowls with a hamster.

Emotionally unstable due to borderline personality disorder with tendencies towards OCD (undiagnosed), she suffered with her left wrist since she broke it and passed with the lungs. Her tipple was jack Daniel’s and she enjoyed knitting and her cats.

She’s acknowledging her sister’s birthday around now, a slim lady with black poker straight hair worn up and heavily pencilled eyebrows, she’s holding up a musical card. However, there’s avarice around her sister who turned her back in some way and there was such resentment and annoyance for such a long time. She always wished to match her sister, get on the same run of the ladder and she’s expressing a feeling of worthlessness. This was the negative cycle she was stuck in and her message is seek truth. She blew you a kiss.

Also answering to your name is your paternal grandfather Johnathon, an elderly gent with blue eyes, white hair slicked back and long moustache he looks like Father Christmas though his personality couldn’t be more opposite. He was extremely harsh, tight with money and a ladies man with a bad attitude, what he chose to present was carefully selected and designed to mislead but behind closed doors it was a different story. He comes to ask for forgiveness holding a begging bowl and his message is come on in out of the rain.

A gent named Peter takes the chair, he’s bald, ginger blonde colouring with blue eyes and a lust for life. He comes through filled with love for you explaining you’re on a level. He’s paternal side and enjoyed fishing unless it’s a metaphor, he’s casting out and his message is reel them in. He played the violin professionally and he asks you listen out for his music.
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