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Hi Venus rising,

An elderly lady named Coleen answers to your name claiming she’s the bee’s knees, she’s a wind up merchant with curly bright orange dyed hair a turned up nose and she’s gerning. She suffered obesity, a ruptured intestine and passed with a heart attack. There’s a brown and white collie dog with her Shep.

Emotionally intense she was catholic and involved with the church but bent the scriptures a bit she’s a real card and is singing your praises. Quoting the rhyme the owl and the pussy cat she also mentions Gulliver’s travels. You’re all packed up in a red car and she’s impressing basketball, canoeing, scuba diving and margaritas on the beach so I guess there’s an adventure holiday on the cards. She’s trailing behind the car on a skateboard so it looks like she’s coming too, literally dozens of hearts emanate from her to you.

Steven comes forward from your maternal side a frail balding gaunt gent large ears, chestnut brown hair and eyes. A smoker he suffered with the lungs and reproductive system and enjoyed a tipple and a game of dominoes. He’s remorseful at his cowardly actions and compares himself to a fox, he ran away from himself his whole life but has found himself now. Floating on a cloud with a harp he’s in peace and advises you that life is all about trial and error, move on his message. He leaves you with a red and white rosette.

Jack comes forward for you, a very tall thin gent with blue eyes and a full head of grey hair slicked back which was his pride and joy comes from Prominent nose, moustache and glasses he spent a lot of time in the mirror, appearance was important to him. A widower his wife is here too. He enjoyed angling and passed with throat cancer from smoking cigars.

A very placid intellectual curious man he says he’s got your number and he’s coming from the heart he explains things are coming up from your very depths, you’re breathing out a black dust cloud which has been anchored to the pit of your stomach since before you can remember and this burden you’ve carried without complaint. You look weary and he reiterates this is deep stuff on its way out, there's encouragement from him says you'll soon be breathing all the colours of the rainbow. He’s so so proud of you, that’s my girl he’s telling the whole world and he leaves you with an almond celebration cake.
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