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Originally Posted by Pam O View Post
Just curious if anyone has both the "Tarot the Open Reading by Yova Ben-Dov & Fool Dog "The ISIS Tarot de Marseille" by Nicolas Conver?

The Ben-Dov has been intriguing me and I've been wanting the cards & book. I've never bought a Tarot app before now.
There's a CBD Tarot de Marseille app available for Android and Kindle Fire. It is made by my company, Galaxy Tone. The app includes tons of content from Yoav Ben-Dov's book, "Tarot - The Open Reading". It was such a pleasure to adapt his great work for the app. There is a free version, which has a few spreads and the major suit cards, and the Pro version which has far more spreads, all 79 cards (including the blank), and an extensive encyclopedia of symbols and correspondences.

Tarot E-Cards has CBD Tarot de Marseille available as an in-app purchase if you don't have an Android device. It is made by a different company, not Galaxy Tone.
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