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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
And a Lenormand. There is only Ciro's Lenormand out for iPad/iPhone right now. The others are hopeless. I don't understand why everyone is so slow at getting out Lenormand apps (not you, I mean in general)...
Ugh, I know! I'm very impatient, and it's also surprising considering that Lenormand has otherwise taken the divination world by storm.

While Wopple Topple's Lenormand apps (Gilded Reverie & Under the Roses, etc.) for Android have improved (they corrected some previous button behavior that had made them almost unusable for me,) they're missing some magical user friendliness component of the Fool's Dog apps. I'd love to see FD begin making Lenormand apps!

And while we're naming pie-in-the-sky wishes, I'd love an app that laid out beautiful playing cards, like those with the elegantly shaped clubs from European decks.
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