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I went crazy buying a bunch of Fool's Dog apps... you enablers!
The Shadowscapes deck is a favorite reading deck, and it was just getting so many recommendations for current deck owners to see more details, so that was my 1st. Then Tarot of the Holy Light has been on my wish list for years, but I just did not want to spend the $$ on the deck and book, so this is fabulous! Then the app was so well done, I snagged more. The ISIS was the the least at $1.99, but I would have liked more insight on reading those pips. I don't really have a grasp of reading the Marsaille yet. (I did go ahead and buy the Ben-Dov book & deck so they should be arriving soon enough!) I tried getting the Android free app to try, but my as i suspected, my phone screen is too small for me to enjoy personally.

I also want the suggestions described by Jolly_Amethyst!

Another idea: a 3 card template we can assign positions to? I use 3 card spreads a lot (but not the PPF so much). Most of the spreads in th app are lots of cards, which is great for long readings, but not for quickies...
Example: Situation, Block, Advice (I often peek at the Shadow card too.)
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