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Originally Posted by katieb View Post
Yes very true, we are very intertwined. I have felt a twin flame connection with him, never experiencing a connection like this with any other person.

There is an apartness, he is afraid of being with another. His ex wife made him go through hell and now he can't move forwards. We were not in contact for months and have slowly reestablished contact, but it is still tentative. He knows and so do I that we were meant for one another. What you say is true, we are from two VERY different worlds...he is in a very strict religion and I am everything his religion is against (from the tattoos to the music I listen to)

I have felt the very same thing and thought that we have been through this before in a previous lifetime. I also wanted to say what a beautiful drawing! I hope you don't mind that I saved it! Thanks luv, you captured the essence of 'us'
Thank you for the detailed feedback, and I'm glad you liked the drawing. From elsewhere on here I know your situation a little bit, so I'm not sure whether that influenced the drawing and my reading of it. It will be interesting to see how I get on with people I don't know.
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