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Originally Posted by Siochanai View Post
If you have time or choose to do a second sitter at some point I would love a general drawing.
(I couldn't get my scanner to talk to my computer today so I took a photo of the drawing instead. When the scanner is back online, I'll do a proper scan that you can see better and print off.)

With this drawing I got a sense of a general unfolding. The figure in the centre of this plant-like structure is you. You look like a little astronaut about to be launched into space/ the unknown. You are full of anticipation, but your are shut in your suit and can't do anything or rush anything. Everything will happen at the appropriate time, so be patient.

The other thing that came to mind that you are in a pupa state. There is a new stage of life about to begin for you where nothing will be like it was before. When I was drawing, I felt the darkest part of the drawing was persistently behind the figure's head. I didn't want it to be that way but it persisted. And then I though 'the darkness is behind you now'.

Over all I got a very positive vibe from this, full of anticipation.
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