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Hello BrightEyes thank you for the amazing picture. It is just gorgeous.

As for the interpretation I think you are almost spot on. I have a lot of large changes coming my way and I am very anxious and anticipating the result. I have a strong sense of spiritual direction now and quite pleased in where it is heading bit still have quite aways to go yet. Further more the next big life changing step is finally getting my degree in a few months. This is huge for me because it is the first chance at fixing a huge mistake I made years ago.

The one part of the interpretation that does not quite fit is the darkness. On one hand you say it is persistent. You did not want it there but it persistently forced its way there. Then you say it is behind me. This is what does not make sense or fit. In my experiences with dreams and other occurrences this darkness in reality haunts me. I constantly sense a darkness looming over my shoulder and it feels like it wants to impede and halt my spiritual progress. I fight and fight this darkness everyday but it always comes closer and I fear it will win and envelop me. To this point the persistent darkness in your picture seems to be moving closer and trying to envelop.

Over all I agree it has a very positive feel but also shows I may need to fight harder.

On another note I know you are going to do a scan of it high res for me but is there anyway we can make arrangements for me to obtain the original? I would be more then happy to pay for a frame and shipping fees plus the picture. I would indeed love to have te original.

Thank you very much for doing this I love it.
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