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I dont know about my balls (they have a mind of their own) ... but MY mind wants to advocate it as well.

New versions of the Tree may make a great miss. This may not apply to anyone here or anyone who has developed a new system for ToL as, I am assuming, before they started work on a new one, they understood the old one first ... well, one hopes so.

I would be happier with someone who understood the trad versions of the Tree and then made a new one as opposed to someone that changed it as they thought it was wrong.

If the ToL was a schemata of a current paradigm relating to creation, the cosmos, manifestation, etc. it speaks volumes about the mind set of the time. And considering THAT one is sure to find a few 'bumps' in it - in the way modern minds think about such things. It is NOT a model then, and isnt now, of the cosmos but a model of how we 'saw' the cosmos.

Minds worked different back during the days of the early G.D. ... how much more so at the time of Kircher and other Kabbalists. Kircher lived around 1600 a time of great change in the world, the Church (which was a BIG influence back then) and human consciousness. previous to him (by a couple of hundred years) Pico della Mirandola had a variant view again and Mirandola's teacher Marsilio Ficino, probably demonstrated the classic outlook of Hermetic Christianity - especially his doctrine of 'star beings' that give the starts and celestial bodies specific influences ... an idea that has even passed (although much corrupted) into some types of modern astrology. (All this took a vast blow when the Corpus Hemeticum was re-dated to a more contemporary source and the Christian Church moved away from the 'Pagan' gnosis it had been previously incorporating .... this was one of the great significant moments in Hermeticism and needs to be understood as a background influence all the way through ... especially on Cornelius Agrippa { and perhaps explains the seemingly major disparity between two of his greatest works} ).

One simple example of how these people thought can be shown in their reversals (to us) in how they thought about that age old question; 'Why does stuff move around the way it does?' Nowadays, we know that if something has motion, and there is no other force to stop it, it just keeps going, conversely, if it is at rest it will stay that way until a force moves it. Not so in the ancient world ... things needed force to KEEP them moving and nothing could be 'at rest' as everything was being drawn into the centre of the Universe, which was inside the earth. Everything had to have a constant mover ... or deflector from it's trajectory to the centre of the earth. This had massive implications on how people thought about things and the construction of the cosmos ... its just one example of many.

By changing the Tree away from these ancient concepts we are adapting it to the way we think NOW ... which is fine and maybe even necessary - I have done it myself; now I have a Tree that is wonderfully relevant to me and my modern psychology (and the problems I have and modern psychological paradigm has - which are different from the older paradigms), a series of Trees as an insight into the old hermetic mind set ... and, of course, one for my Thoth cards - since I developed this I have pretty much lost interest in 'how to fix up' the Tree of Life.

I guess the point of this rambling post is to bring attention to the fact, for those that may have not realised, new students, whatever; that 'right and wrong' Trees are relative constructions and 'old versions' are part and parcel of studying the hermetic tradition and understanding changes and developments in human consciousness and evolution .

Dont throw the baby out with the bath water ... you might want to examine that 'baby' ... it is what grew into you.

" Behind the figures of the Beast and his Bride are ten luminous rayed circles; they are the Sephiroth latent and not yet in order, for every new Aeon demands a new system of classification of the Universe."
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