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Re: Rune Study: Gebo

Originally posted by Umbrae

Gebo is about sacrificing to your Gods. Not simple supplication, but binding of the love that forges relationships between you and your Gods (ever wonder why folks pray and pray and their Gods never aid them?).

could we please elaborate on this?
i've spent the last couple of days pondering what "sacrificing to your Gods", might mean in contemporary terms.

at the risk of seeming obtuse, here are some of the things, i have considered.
1. literal offerings
2.bonding with the runes using blood. part of your day to your Gods. being constantly aware of your Gods. (this one just doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice)
4. the releasings and letting go's that are required for growth and evolution. of self to others. (seems too indirect)

maybe i'm struggling with this because of the way i view the word "sacrifice". must a sacrifice be experienced as something painful? "binding of the love"; doesn't that make it less painful?
if a sacrifice becomes a pleasure, does it then lose its value? if so, are you then required to make deeper and larger sacifices?
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