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Gifu/Gebo. It is such a positive rune, a rune of giving and receiving. Sure, it has merkstave issues, however when it comes up in a casting it usually means goodness. “I see in the X shape of the rune, the crossed hands of blood-brothers, or wedded partners. An equal exchange of devotion and support”, is accurate. Next to a blockage rune, (more about that later) it can have a more negative meaning. However, usually it is positive.
Sacrificing to your Gods, think of the Hanged Man. To gain, you have to give; giving of up a part of your ego. The issue of attaining spit consciousness has the affect of giving of your ego. To get what you want by helping other get what they want. To give freely, wanting nothing in return, ultimately provides a return.
There is an old saying, to get the dividends in life, you must first make the investment.
This also means you must accept graciously what is given. Graciousness is something rarely practiced in today’s world.
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