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The Lightning Flash has to be 'implicit' in any number system IMO ... numbers just aren't values of 'how many things there are' they generate from .... .

The 3 / 4 'jump' is probably the most important aspect on the Tree and the concepts behind single digit numbers ... ie 'generation'... each number 'must' form from the previous. This 'implicitness' or 'impelling' is IMO the idea behind the lightning flash. One might be even able to demonstrate it mathematically ... with implicit differentiation or something like that ... ?

The paths I see as relationships between the numbers , not necessarily as above (although they may at places in the Tree coincide { but not 'co-inside' as in the lightning flash} ) but as one to another, and IMO a totally different kettle of fish, obviously the 22 paths are only some of the possibilities of connections ... why this particular selection and arrangement on the Tree of Life is something I have pondered ... but ....

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