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My mistake, I assumed we were talking about the same meaning of 'lightning flash'. But if the LF is a theoretical construct connecting the 10 sefirot in series as they are created ex nihilo, then I fail to see why the Kircher Tree is any better at explicating a series of 10 emanations than any other arrangement of 10 sefirot, such as the Gra Tree.

Although this is veering even further off topic, it seems logical that the 10 sefirot were influenced by or derived from the tetraktys, which in turn was probably derived from the fact that we count in decimal, due to our ten fingers. Then the next logical step was the 'natural array' where 10 objects in three columns are connected by exactly 22 paths, suggesting a connection with the 22 letters of Hebrew. From this symmetrical array, varieties followed that addressed various doctrinal contingencies or exegesis.

If we consider the LF as merely a theoretical connection between emanated spheres, it seems almost unavoidable that these would be manifested as paths at some point. It is possible to discuss only the 10 spheres, as in the Sefer Yetzirah, but if that was completely satisfactory, no Tree of Life diagram of any type would have ever arisen.

It is true that modern number theory is based in large part on the idea of 'successor', and each integer follows the previous one in unitary steps out of necessity. We need not make an explicit, manifested 'path' between each one, but geometrical diagrams are much richer when they are included.

There certainly is no objective reality to the Tree of Life. It is merely a filing system. 10 spheres could be arranged in a circle, and then one would need 55 paths to connect them all. But 22 seems to have been settled on for the reason stated above. That being established, then we get to play with the Tarot on those paths.

One could, of course, ignore the Alef-bet altogether, and just place the Tarot on the Tree in some systematic order. For example, the last 7 Trumps, which are basically celestial or eschatological in nature, could be the 7 verticals, with the three heavenly bodies as the Middle Pillar. The three Virtues could be the horizontals, with Justice in the center balancing Fortitude and Temperance. The remaining 12 would be the diagonals. Of these 12, one is Death, two are objects, and nine are people; these provide numerous possibilities for arrangement. But such a topic is a discussion for a separate thread.

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