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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
Here the phrase I translate literally, “that it gives its jet,” is qu’elle donne son jet. It should be a quote from Genesis, concerning the third day. I can’t find anything like it in my King James.
You're looking in the wrong Bible, you need to look in a French one

jet may mean a current of water, or jet of water coming from a spring (or fountain), or to throw (the dice, or down one's cards), or to cast (one's net), but in this case it means 'shoots', as in shoots of growth/vegetation (sa pousse). That gives its shoots or 'brings forth its shoots' or 'produces its shoots'. I suspect he used the Martin Bible (or perhaps he just liked the pun between currents of water and shoots of vegetation):

La terre donc produisit son jet, [savoir] de l'herbe portant de la semence selon son espèce; et des arbres portant du fruit, qui avaient leur semence en eux-mêmes, selon leur espèce; et Dieu vit que cela était bon.

The land thus produced its shoots (jet), [namely] the herb yielding seed after its kind; and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind; and God saw that it was good.

The phrase is thus used in a book on plants thus:

De sorte que toute la greffe faite à la premiere séve, avant la S. Jean est à œil poussant, c'est-à-dire qu'elle donne son jet, ou sa pousse dès la même année, & en peu de temps.

...that is to say, it gives its jet, or its shoot (growth, sprout, blade)...
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