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Continuing my exploration of the deck with a daily card. This is my card for today, Sunday 8th June 2014.

In the card, I see the woman carrying a newspaper with what looks like a circled section. Like when you circle an interesting job advertising.
The symbols in the coins represent the basics in life: the red rose for love, the empty bowl for water (drinking water and basic hygiene?) the bread for food, the holy book for spirituality and then the "insert your own pillar of wealth" coin (= the empty one).

The lady is walking away from the comfort of her home because she has to, I see a very strong-willed woman, not a desperate one. The atmosphere in the card is serious, it carries some heavy issues yet I cannot see it as negatively as Deirdre describes it in the companion book: bad news, poverty thinking. On the opposite, the lady seems very strong and that's her wealth, she is not defeated. She might be facing a hard time but the cottage lies there in her mind and her journey in the storm and the dark makes sense to her. She has no choice, she has to be in the storm and yet her closed eyes, the hand on her chest, her bare foot show that she is really in touch with her inner self, the external conditions are not taking the upper hand on her. Maybe the newspaper (Deirdre talks about a book) in her hand means that she has a story to tell to the world, she is on a mission... How this connects to the materialism of Coins: abundance is not the answer to everything...?
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