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Originally Posted by Barkey Foreman View Post
What does Hellenistic astrology state about pursuing a career in the military? Does it warn nothing but trouble?

Here is the Sabian Symbol for Lot of Armies in Scorpio in my chart.

Your have selected: 21 Scorpio

Janduz interpretation, rewritten by Astrotheme

"The water of a cataract bounces from one rock to another before disappearing in the sand."

Impulsive, nervous, and unstable character. Reversal of fortune brings about a humble and ordinary life. If the natal chart indicates strong willpower, one is able to recover one's lost social status through hard work and sometimes, through a marriage.

Its totally true as far as the military goes in relation to my life. Does Hellenistic astrology give a similar warning?
A successful military career will depend on the chart. In your case your Ascendant ruler is Mars, and Mars is placed in the fourth house of home, real estate and family. Issues surrounding those will tend to be prominent in your life. That of course does not rule out a career in the Military but as the fourth opposes the tenth, it does suggest that whatever career you go for, you will find that issues of the fourth house will tend to be at least a distraction.

Given that both malefics lie in the fourth and one of them is your Ascendant ruler, some instability will be there.
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