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Question Fixedness and Astrology

I will go into the military more a month later. I want to focus on other things ATM.

Walter PUllen puts me as 40% Fixed dominant.

In fact you probably saw an overwhelming fixed energy in my chart.

WHY? WHY? WHY? For being someone who's fixed, why do I give up so damn easily on endeavors (particularly involving physical activity as you seen in sports)? Even in supposed strengths I give up way to DAMN fast before I even get 25% and assuming I get past 25% I will give up quickly even if I reach 99.9%. complete.

Even in easy things that are hobbies I love so much such as gaming! The only hobby I ever got deep to and stuck so much damn the way to the point I will finish the Christian Astrology (which I am struggling with ATM) for damn sure is astrology!

Even in my military years I gave up easily on reading a small 40 page military pamphlet,etc

What does the Hellenistic interpretation say about giving up quickly? And even giving up when I already completed 99.9% and just a little effort I would finish say the last ten pages of a book or watching the last 5 episodes of a TV series,etc?

Astrology is the only subject I stuck with all the way too despite almost hating it and abandoning it for sure I find myself getting back and getting more addicted and falling in love with it deeper than ever. Not even in military had I had such deep devotion.

What does Hellenistic chart also say about astrology and its role in my life? Why didn't I get into it much earlier (stupid question but considering my parents used to have some astrology books I am surprised I was such a nonbeliever and called it nonsense refusing to touch a book for half over 10 years until very recently the last 2-3 years)?

I'd like an interpretation for Lot of Astrology in Leo. I don't remember the degrees but I'll tryo to look for the formula if you need it.
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