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Originally Posted by Yippee View Post
Thanks so much, BrightEye Yes, I do feel you're correct about having difficulty manifesting love in my life. It's funny how you mention that the fish tries to free himself from his usual surroundings. I'm at a new shift in my life, I feel, and so there are new things coming and new perspectives as well. It resonated with being out of my element. Ah, yes... stress less It does sound cliche, but I know what you mean, haha. I tend to have goals and focus on them. While not the most 'positive' type of outlook for love in the picture, I can certainly appreciate and understanding the meaning behind all of it! It'll come when it's time, and it can't be rushed.

The picture is quite lovely, to be honest! I'm definitely going to be checking out the story that you mentioned
Thanks for the feedback, Yippee. I'm glad there was something in it for you even though I didn't see a love interest as such. When I do readings on love questions I feel a lot happier when I see a couple in the cards. That said, couple readings are not always positive. What I liked about the drawing was that there is tranquility as well as forward movement. So maybe the salmon can see a soulmate on the horizon but we can't see him or her yet
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