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The nature of my deck.

Ok so I don't always do this but I just felt like it. After looking through the deck casually I started shuffling. These cards although of not the best quality card stock are still reasonably ok and shuffling felt nice and smooth. I introduced myself 'hi I'm Mags' and told the deck 'energies' I won't be readings reversals on this deck. This deck is not designed for reversals. Then I asked 2 questions 'what is your nature? ' and 'what can you offer me as reader?'

1. What is your nature? ~ V The Vicar.

2. What can you offer me as a reader? ~ 9 of Winter.

V The Vicar
A beautiful forest scene in dappled shade. Warm colours and burnt orages, browns and golds as the sunlight breaks the wooded thick. I love this image for this card as it shows an authoritive and wise yet kind and gentle fairy telling tales and stories of the faery culture and laws to the fairy people as they listen respectfully and with clear enjoyment.

This card has a clear vibe of enrichment of social culture. It feels relaxed. Warm and honest. The Vicar sits at the base of an old oak tree. Flipping to the plant index at the back the oak represents stability and wisdom. This makes me think of rooted beliefs, enriching of the people. Im thinking united, unity, collective, peace.

The children fairies are there with the adults, so this for me represents an immature conscious mind, young and innocent. Offering counsel and advise, in a kind gentle way.

What is The Vicar saying? I wish I knew. As my deck nature I feel my cards are telling me that this deck is a teacher. A teacher of society and culture, religion and spirituality, truths and traditions. And I think this card is saying 'believe in fairy'.

9 of Winter.
In this deck winter represents swords. The scene is set and it is night time and the moon is full and high in the frosty winter sky. This card is a snowy wilderness. Through a large glass window a fairy sits up in her bed looking out into the moonlit forest where four weasels circle her little home. I feel fear, threat of danger and nightmares.

The moon and the night symbolise for me the subconscious mind, where our shadow self resides. Where our fears and anxieties give life to our worst fears. Looking deeper however this little fairy is nestled within tree roots. For me this feels like being earthed and grounded and sybolises safety. The glass window appears to be the window to her soul, the weasels on the outside, and on the indise a candle burns and illuminates her room, her soul. She is affraid but these fears cant hurt her, she is safe and has light within.

This card appearing in answer to my question is quite strange but very appropriate in that I have been browsing dark tarot decks today. And I think this card is telling me 'well actually you need not look any further for I can show you the depth you seek, the decent into the shadow self'

Brief exploration of these two cards ♡
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