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The Victorian Fairy Tarot ~ Gateway Cards.

Casually browsing and noticed a few cards have a type of gateway image in them. Not so much a mirror, more a doorway within the image. Not sure if this is intentional in the design, likely not, might just be how I see the cards.

Cards include ~

King of Autumn ~ throne back
Queen of Autumn ~ throne back
King of Spring ~ throne back
Queen of Spring ~ throne back
King of Winter ~ throne back
Queen of Winter ~ throne back
King of Summer ~ throne back
Seven of Summer ~ behind the table

Queen of Summer has a leaf behind her, so this is why im thinking this may not be deliberate.

They look almost like reflectionless mirrors, or windows into another world due to the cloudy crystal ball effect mist.

I'd imagine you could vision quest these cards or use them for meditation. I had the feeling that the human world was on the outside and I almost expected a giant eye to look in, and catch a glimpse of fairy.
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