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Eight of Swords

I think we have missed something in this card which is vital to understanding its meaning. and that is the darkness, lying behind the entrance of the door at the back.

I feel this darkness represents whats holding her back, she does not want to face or even turn to face what may be beyond. The risk is too great for her.

As we know the 8 of Swords shows us imprisonment of our own making. The darkness of the door beyond pervades the whole card and overshadows the light, for she (and we) are terrified of it because we dont know whats beyond. We prefer the security.

What happens if we walk through?
What new beliefs will it bring us?
Will it harm us?
Will we have to surrender or lose something?

The idea that shes standing there would suggest that she has been "cornered" - why stand so close to something you are terrified of - even if it is a safe distance? She cant move forward and cant move back - ultimately life will force her to go through the door but is she strong enough to jump and just embrace it?

I also feel the pillars in the room represent her own intellectual support structures which if she passes through that door will be challenged and may come tumbling down.
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