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Originally Posted by BrightEye View Post
Thank you very much for the feedback

Your story sounds just like my own, every word of it! The more I do these drawings for others, the more they start speaking to me as well, and many of the recent ones are meaningful to my own situation.

Now that I know that you're a professional I'll definitely do a better scan when I have the equipment to hand again.

What kind of work do you do? Do you have a website where I could have a look?

Best of luck with this!
I aspire to be a professional, yet I just can't seem to focus on just one area. I've noticed that in the picture you drew for me, there were wind, water, and fire elements, but no earth. I see no land. And I feel that the earth/coins are probably one of my biggest struggles and weakest area in life. Monetary and financial things go over my head, and I really struggle with it. This is probably the only thing that holds me back from fully embracing the profession.

You can take a look at my deviantart gallery I had since highschool. It hasn't been updated too much now, and I'm thinking of starting a new gallery since this one seems outdated. But you can freely have a look:

As you can see I like a lot of cartoons and anime, but I can do realism as well. It's just that cartoons were more fun to draw at that time, so that's why I drew them more often in highschool.

I hope you had fun looking at my gallery, and thank you again for your brilliant and inspiring artwork
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