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Originally Posted by kwaw View Post

Mother Letters - Horizontal Paths:

Alef - Air- Justice
Mem - Water - Temperance
Shin - Fire - Fortitude

Double Letters - Vertical Paths

Beit - Saturn - Devil
Gimel - Jupiter - World
Daleth - Mars - Tower
Kaph - Sun - Sun
Pe - Venus - Star
Resh - Mercury - Angel
Tau - Moon - Moon

I think your attributions are pretty spot-on. I have no qualms with the Virtues/Elements, nor the Celestial Realm/Planets. I would change the Zodiac cards, as below based on astrological considerations and opposite signs:

Single Letters - Diagonal Path:

Ayin - Capricorn - Hermit (private and spiritual, opposite of the Juggler)
Tzade - Aquarius - Wheel (vicissitudes of living, opposite the Fool)

Qoph - Pisces - Empress (St. Helena, bearer of the heir, opposite of the Popesse / virgin)
Samekh - Sagittarius - Emperor ('King of the gods' - secular chief, opposite of the Pope)

Nun - Scorpio - Death
He - Aries - Chariot (Triumph of Death, Chariot as War, counterpart to Love card)

Teth - Leo - Fool (Court Jester, counterpart to those who reign and decline on the Wheel)
Cheth - Cancer - Juggler (public and material - opposite of the Hermit)

Vau - Taurus - Hanged Man (the fetus upside-down in the womb - Life, opposite of Death)
Lamed - Libra - Lovers (opposite of War -The Chariot)

Zain - Gemini - Pope (as Vicar of the Logos, opposite of the Emperor)
Yod - Virgo - Popesse (as avatar of the Virgin, opposite of the Empress)

Thus the Fixed signs are Life - Death - Wheel - Fool:
Birth and Death, the wheel of karma during life, the Fool as everyman on the path of life.

The Cardinal signs are Lovers - Chariot - Juggler - Hermit:
Love and War, the Public and the Private life

The Mutable signs are Emperor - Empress - Pope - Popess:

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