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3 of Pents & Q of Pents

GREY is the 1st thing I noticed in the 3... lots of grey. I wonder if there will be grey in the 2nd card?
Sure enough, there is the matching grey in the Q's throne. It feels like the cinder block walls and the throne are created from concrete poured into molds. So, I would ask if something has been molded a certain way? Something that has now become very solid. Next, I would ask if this solid molding is beneficial, or not!

The MUSTARD YELLOW now catches my attention, and that reminds me of something about the power and strength of the mustard seed. I remember there is some kind of significant legend associated with the mustard seed... Maybe it is a religious story? I seem to remember there is reference to the strength and tenacity of a tiny mustard seed...

ETA: I thank Dusty White for coming up with these exercises.
They are quite mind expanding.
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