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galaxys4 - 22 July 2014

The title of the drawing translates as 'The woman warrior observes the heart of her opponent'. I thought this was an interesting drawing because it is not a scene of carnage or defeat. There is curiosity. The colours in the head of the warrior woman and the heart mirror each other, so the heart of her opponent affects her in no small measure and vice versa.

So if you wondered whether your feelings (of love as well as hurt) are reciprocated, then the answer is yes. You are the warrior and you are curious about what's going on the heart of the person you are asking about. I also see a certain sadness and exhaustion in the eyes of the warrior woman. Maybe you feel you need to be strong all the time (I think you are the brave one in this situation), but sometimes you would just like to be weak, take off your armour so to speak. Do it, it will be beneficial for the situation.

I'm not sure whether any of this resonates.
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