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Originally Posted by Thoughtful View Post
l have the DruidCraft Tarot and the Druid Animal Oracle, both of which are wonderful for reading. Very on the ball and balanced.
Now l see talk of the Druid Plant Oracle, so before it disappears altogether could you kind people tell me how it reads.
Much appreciated
If you read well with the Druid Animal deck, you'll probably do fine with the Plant Oracle. I use these two only on personal, self awareness readings, not for anything predictive, so I'm probably not using them the way many here do, but I find them very, very helpful for that sort of thing. I started out with the iPad app, which has both decks--I thought originally I'd only use the Animal cards, but as it turns out, I use them both together and find them very helpful that way. Though I'll probably continue to use the app more than the paper cards, I wanted the actual cards for multi deck readings and to be able to leave my Card of the Day (or any card I want to focus on) out where I'll see it frequently. And I want the decks in case ten years from now, the app is no longer available for whatever devices we're all using by then!

If you think you *might* want it, get it now while you can. Worst case scenario, you can surely sell or trade it for what you paid, and perhaps more.
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