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Originally Posted by ivanna View Post
Me: 5 wands.
I did not used hair conditioning, now there is a big war between my hair and my brush.

7 of cups.
Come on girl, choose whatever cupcake you wanna eat, we do not have all the day!!!
Originally Posted by 3ill.yazi View Post
What happens to me: SEVEN OF CUPS.

I go to the store, and I walk in, and with all the choices, I forget what I came in for.

What Happens to you: FOUR OF WANDS

You're already back from the store, your hands full of veggies for the cookout.
LOTS OF GREAT entries.
A lot of these are cracking me up!

Ace of Pents:
I've got to get out of this place! (I am hearing this like a line from a song, as I'm staring thru the exit with the mountain in the distance.)
Camping, that is the call. Off to get stocked up for the trip!

You don't seem to be going anywhere as you sit there barking out all those orders. Maybe it is time to open your mind and do something yourself, or you might get so stuck in that chair where you can't get out...
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