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Ethereal has volunteered to help me go over some new material and at the same time I can hopefully answer some questions for her.

The chart has Libra rising, so the Ascendant Ruler is Venus. It is also a day chart with the Sun just past the MC in Cancer. This makes the Moon ruler of the Sect Light. The Sun is in the Confines of Jupiter and the Triplicity rulers are Venus which will be more influential in the first part of Life and Mars which will be more influential in the second. The Moon itself is the co-operating triplicity ruler and will have influence throughout life, supporting the other two.

Looking at these planets:

The Sun has no dignity in Cancer, yet it is in the confines of Jupiter, which is a sectmate and also the benefic of sect. There is no affliction from a malefic in terms of square or opposition. It is in a close trine with Mars, from the sixth house a wider trine from Saturn in the second house and a sextile from its ruler the Moon, in the twelfth house. Whilst all three are usually seen as easy or good aspects, they all come from what Holden describes as the 'bad places' None of these are particularly worrying but they are not as helpful as they might seem at first sight. Of the three, the trine from Mars is an overcoming trine from the right and Mars is the out of sect malefic. Mars does not signify harm, here but it does signify that things will not go as easily as the trine suggests. Better news is that the Sun does aspect the Ascendant and is in the second best place in the chart.

Jupiter the Confine Ruler of the Sect Light, is in the first degree of Virgo in the twelfth Place. Virgo is the Detriment of Jupiter, being opposite its sign of Pisces. So Jupiter has problems both by sign and place. It is also in a loose opposition to Mars, the out of sect malefic. So there is some affliction. As the benefic of sect, Jupiter is not well placed to be helpful and work for the good of the native. In the chart, Jupiter rules the sixth Place of Illness, travel (for the Hellenistic Astrologers all cadent or declining houses had some association with travel and alien or foreign places). I'll say more about Jupiter's rulerships in a later post but it's worth pointing out that the sixth house of illness does not have to always relate to the native's illness. It could, for example, relate to careers dealing with illness in some way, or the illness of others through a connection in the chart.

The Moon as Domicile Lord of the Sect Light also lies in Virgo and is in a closer, though by no means close opposition to Mars. As the twelfth is one of the 'bad places' because it is averse to the Ascendant, the Moon too will 'find it difficult' to signify assistance to the native's life.

Venus is both the Ascendant ruler and a Triplicity ruler of the Sect Light. It is placed in the ninth Place, which signifies travel, education and philosophy and the arts of Astrology and Divination. In many ways, the ninth will be the key area of life and I'll come back to that later. Venus does not have any dignity at its location but it does have a weak mutual reception with Mars. Venus lies in the Confines of Mars and Mars lies in the Exaltation and Triplicity of Venus. So far that's good news. The bad news is that Mars is the out of sect malefic and it's in a close overcoming square to Venus, which is mutually applying, given that Venus is Retrograde. The mutual reception is likely to offset some of this but I doubt it will prevent this aspect being a key one during periods of Ethereal's life. As well as the Ascendant, Venus also rules the eighth place of Taurus, This will bring associations with other people's money and resources and death. It is much more likely to be the former in any chart. Finally Venus is in an overcoming square to the twelfth place planets of Jupiter and Moon. This is not likely to be detrimental. Indeed as both are benefic in nature it is quite possible that these connections will work in favour.

Mars is in the sixth place of Pisces, which is also one of the bad places - the place of 'Bad Fortune'. There's no configuration to the Ascendant, but it does aspect the tenth place by trine. Mars therefore may have some influence on career. As well as the trine to the Sun, the square to Venus and oppositions to Moon and Jupiter already mentioned, Mars has a further trine to Saturn for the second place, which is ruled by Mars, along with the Descendant and Seventh Place of marriage and relationships.

The remaining two planets are:

Mercury, which in this chart is a diurnal planet and is therefore in Sect. Mercury is also in the tenth Place and therefore aspects the Ascendant. Like the Sun, Mercury has no direct afflictions. Mercury's rulerships are the ninth and twelfth places

Saturn is also a diurnal planet and therefore in Sect in this chart. As the malefic of Sect it is not at it's worst in this chart and indeed could be a neutral influence, though in this chart it is Retrograde though in its own Confines. It has loose sextiles to Jupiter and Moon. Saturn rules the fourth and fifth places in the chart.
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