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Originally Posted by Ethereal View Post
hmm..looks pretty dismal as you know I am not familiar at all with astrology, but take a great interest in it. I am going to mention a few things; forgive me if I am reading this wrong.
I wouldn't use the word 'dismal' but I would say that you have challenges. Life isn't always going to be easy. Many of us do have such charts though. We are not all born with charts that suggest major success and constant happiness. I have Saturn, the Out of Sect Malefic, sat on my Ascendant, with a partile opposition to the Moon and co-present with Mars. Saturn squares my Venus and Mercury. by comparison, that's quite a bit worse than your chart

Modern Astrology would suggest that all challenges can be met and overcome, Hellenistic Astrologers were perhaps less optimistic but they did think that how you met the challenges was important. I think James T Kirk said something to that effect in the Wrath of Khan.

On Jupiter, all the things I said and you quote are examples of possibilities. Not all will necessarily occur but it's quite possible that one of them may occur, though not necessarily as a constant in your life. This is an area that you asked for more information on originally, so I'll take it up in a future post.

I'll be looking at Venus in my next post together with the main two lots and Mars.

Mercury is in your tenth and it's likely to have some effects on your career and your social activity. Again career was something that you asked about and I'll look at that when I look at Jupiter and other rulers of the areas of your life.

Saturn is in your second house which deals with income financial and moveable resources. I think the matter of inheritance is something you are concerned about, so again that could well be an area we look at.

Again you need to be careful to distinguish 'challenging' from 'negative. Some of us have more difficulties to deal with than others, often those difficulties help us become better people. Simply shrugging your shoulders and saying 'that's it then' is neither the right answer for the modern Astrologer/Counsellor, nor for those Hellenistic Astrologers who felt it was how we dealt with what fortune threw at us that proclaimed whether we had lived a good life or not.
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