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No kidding.

Like the ancient Roman cliché "Roma was not built in a day" - creating 78 card's images (and a card back, too) cannot happen overnight. In this age of Instant Gratification the hours of work - no matter how easy it may come for you and your talents - to produce 78 cards is daunting, to say the least. In truth, you do NOT have to produce 78 cards at all; you can always do a 'Majors Only' or a 'Majors Plus Four' deck {Majors plus 4 extra cards - usually Aces} and decide to move on with more cards in the future. Yes - it IS true - I drew all my 78 cards plus a few different versions of a couple more in 30 DAYS - a feat that still boggles my mind. However - they are B/W outlines only - not full-blown, fully-colored images. Colorizing the cards (and also cleaning up their images) takes me 8 - 12 hours PER CARD. I am unemployed and have nothing else to do; your mileage may vary.

As a word of encouragement (no - really!) - I once started a cross-stich piece for my Mother. I had completed an area about 1 x 3 inches in the center before wrapping it in tissue to keep it clean - and it sat in the frame on a shelf FOR THE NEXT FOURTEEN YEARS - at which time I found the time to complete it.

Picasso is quoted somewhere as having said "I do 'art' every single day." If you can only work on your designs once a week - set a schedule and stick to it. Tenacity and perseverance are going to help you reach completion. NEVER GIVE UP.
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