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thanks for breaking this down for me, minderwiz. it was very helpful to me. the travel, yes. it seems to have played a large part In my life. that makes sense. religion , also. Christianity in the first half, have taken a liking to areas such as tarot and the other areas you have mentioned, later on. that makes sense. the law I don't know, really. education, maybe later on at sometime. obstacles I have had to negotiate at times, very much so. it comes in cycles. and, I agree, not a firefighter in life ALL the time. good to see that its not going to be ongoing all the time. and yes, I seem to be able to handle troubles when they come into my life. its draining , especially when it occurs. but, not impossible. thanks so much! and , the info about how your chart is compared to mine. it just looks like I will have to continue to cope; which I have been able to do. thank you SO much for taking the time to do all of this for me! its greatly appreciated! I read this twice, so even though I am no astrology wiz, I can digest what you have written. again, thank you!
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