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"The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

Many people have a great burst of inspiration at the beginning - after all - a Tarot deck based on junk food is a great and silly idea! Why not create one? There is a Tarot based on Gummi Bears and one on Beer! Cafeteria trays can be the Pentacles!

The Tarot landscape is littered with many published Tarot decks that show that about halfway through the artist got tired or bored and had no choice but to trudge to the end. Two that pop into my mind are the LOTR and the (Alice in) Wonderland Tarots - both based on works of imagery and wonderment but the final product is lacking. Both of them utilize obscure characters that may have existed for a paragraph or two to populate the card - and then you really have to stretch to make the connections.

In Reed's Witch's Tarot the exact same court card is used for all four suits - they didn't even give them different crowns! Exact same Queen in a different colored dress holding the symbol of the suit - same for the Princesses, Princes, and Kings. I mean - you may not have a great idea for the 6 of Swords - but you can't create 4 Queens all dressed differently?

My problem with many 'theme' Tarots is that the artist/creator could not find 78 things that pertained to their theme so they branched out; I also suspect that some portion of Tarot decks were created by artists that are not Tarotists - but the discussion of why Tarots have different card names or suits is a whole 'nuther discussion.

PLAN - Plan everything - make a list if you have to. Odd ideas come at odd times, so never miss the opportunity to write it down. No one will know if you created your deck 'out-of-order'. If a possibility for a card really stumps you - ask others for input. You do not have to create your tarot deck in secret.

When I created the Everyman Tarot - which I freely admit is a RWS clone - it took more than merely making some female characters into male ones - which is something I fault the Motherpeace Tarot with doing. {Why does their Hierophant have boobs?} When I redrew the RWS I needed to make the situation into something 'male' also, so several cards such as the 6 & 9 of Swords needed a really intense make-over. I also left the Queens, Justice, and the Empress alone - a 'male-centric' tarot does not have to be a 'feminine-phobic' tarot.
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