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Repetition gets boring, doesn't it?

When you draw the Ace with one suit symbol, the Two with two suit symbols, etc, etc - it seems so easy ... but by the Eight you really start pulling your hair out. In all - any suit has FIFTY-NINE (59) suit symbols in it. Drawing them is only the beginning - you still have to color them in!

When I first drew my B/W versions I drew them out 'the old fashioned way' - in pen and ink (actually, I used Flair (C) fine-tip markers). I intended to scan them in, but had no experience with digital art drawing or image manipulation. I used all my old draftsmen's templates (I'm old enough to have taken mechanical drafting just on the cusp of CAD) to draw all the circles but drawing those damn ten Pentacles on one card ... OIY!

My advice: IF you are still drawing the card by hand but know you will be scanning the images in - draw one suit symbol and then copy & paste it the needed number of times. My original Star card only had the one big star in the center - I skipped the rest to preserve my sanity. It was not until I went to colorize the card (digitally) that I was able to draw one of the smaller stars and copy & paste it to get the rest. In fact - just draw the Sword hilt - you can add the blades with the line-drawing tool much more easily, and the edges will not waver.

Likewise - wait until after you finish coloring in all the swords and go back and re-use the line-drawing tool to straighten the edges out - much more professional looking.

Goddess bless the digital Eraser Tool!

Have you ever tried coloring in using the (MS Paint) eraser tool instead of the brush tool? Much easier when the Fill tool does not give you even coverage, especially on scanned images.
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