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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
My next stage is to look at particular topics. I think from our exchange of PMs, etc the following areas are what you would like to know more about.

Romance, marriage, partnerships all for the future.

Health issues and your general health for the next few years.

Career and Income from various sources, including the family context.

I'll take each of those in turn and look at what's going on. For some such as a particular romance, I will need the other persons' details. Of course it would be best just to PM those to me.

It may also be that specific questions may need to go to the Horary thread or I'll answer by PM but I can look at the general issues here.

I'll start with the general consideration of Marriage and Partnerships in the next post and then work through those topics.
Hi! Is it better to put my question that's in the horary readings in this thread instead?
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