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thanks, minderwiz! I just read the post. I am going to re-read it to digest it, more fully. please correct me if I am wrong on this; as I said, I read the post. but, I read it quickly wanting to dash a feedback to you. with the inheritances thing, it looks like there will be some problems, about me getting what is rightfully mine. do you see any other person in the family having done something to cause a disrupt into what should be mine? I have a sibling I DO NOT trust, who has care of my dad, currently. and, I think he may have made changes to my dads will. will his perhaps not full cooperation. I don't really want to go into it. does it look like I will have to fight this, perhaps in probate court? that what my father wanted me to have , wont come to me as he truly wanted? someone manipulating things behind the scenes to cut me out of what was to be mine? pets and income and travel. funny, a friend of mine is making a great deal of money now,pet sitting. she suggested this to me. and, yes, I would have to travel to her, as in relocation. travel has been part of my life now, for a LONG TIME.

income from an adult child. could be one of my children. its happening now; not on a great fortune basis, but he is helping me. did the alimony thing, so that is past. the inheritance is what has me worried now. the fairness of it. the manipulation of a sibling of my dad , presenting issues for me. careerers..cancer and moon. yes, in a caring field. I had done some nursing in the past.

traveling and losing a job..difficulties in keeping a career going..could this mean I move and gain a career and lose it again? I have been through so many job losses in recent years. nothing I had to do with. like just happened. a repeat cycle?

I had some major health issues after my last child in my former marriage, it helped to end the marriage. so, In that respect, health was related to the ending of my marriage. could this be an ongoing thing if I find a new partner?

health: heart problems. that is what I picked up here, I was diagnosed with a heart murmer at one time. skipped beats. I do get them. occasionally. there is alot of heart disease in my family. coming later on in life makes alot of sense. my dad had triple bypass at 83. he had clogged arteries the surgeon said for decades. so, I can see this, possibly coming on. later in life. liver troubles in my family , also. due to alchoholism. which I don't imbibe in. preventive medicine. what do you mean when you say surgery due to mars 7th place rather than illness. what would that mean in regards to a need for surgery? feet ok so far. lol, but I will be on the lookout!

go ahead and look into all areas . would love to see what you get. and, thank you again! I am sincerely appreciative of all the work you have put into this to help me!!
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