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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post

Repetition gets boring, doesn't it?

When you draw the Ace with one suit symbol, the Two with two suit symbols, etc, etc - it seems so easy ... but by the Eight you really start pulling your hair out. In all - any suit has FIFTY-NINE (59) suit symbols in it. Drawing them is only the beginning - you still have to color them in!

When I first drew my B/W versions I drew them out 'the old fashioned way' - in pen and ink (actually, I used Flair (C) fine-tip markers). I intended to scan them in, but had no experience with digital art drawing or image manipulation. I used all my old draftsmen's templates (I'm old enough to have taken mechanical drafting just on the cusp of CAD) to draw all the circles but drawing those damn ten Pentacles on one card ... OIY!
I hate working in analog. You have to move furniture to get things set up to work at all, everything takes six times as long. You have to do everything over for each copy practically from scratch. You have to wait for the *paint to dry*, and then you have cleanup.

Thank ghod for digital...

Note: If you are actually using Photoshop. Use LAYERS. Turn any element that you are going to need to resize into a Smart Object (from the Layers menu). Smart objects can be resized up and down, over and over, *without ever losing resolution*. And when you save the file you save the smart object *as* a smart object. If you decide you need to resize it again the next time you open it, you can do so.

The down side of smart objects is that the pixels are no longer editiable. No biggie. Rasterize the smart object you need to edit (from the layers menu) shift the color or do whatever edits you need to do with it, and turn it back into a smart object.

However. While you can copy/paste a smart object from one file into another, it will not necessarily come into the new file *as* a smart object. It may simply come in as a layer (this may have to do with the version of Phoroshop you are using). In that case, check in the layers menu as to what you've got, and if it's just a layer, convert it back into a smart object.
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