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Thanks for that great feedback.

Firstly whilst I mentioned surgery as a possibility, that's all it might be. Mars is a natural significator of surgery but then it's also a natural significator of migraine or other sharp pains, or being accident prone or having problems with cuts. So by no means does it have to mean surgery.

Travel does seem to be a recurring theme in your life. That doesn't mean your condemned to travel right the way through but obviously it's a risk that travel might still be a requirement at some stage in the future. That's something we could look at for the next stage.

Your main concern seems to be your brother. Jupiter in the twelfth, not only rules your sixth house of illness but it also rules your third house of siblings. So a sibling who causes you loss, or acts in an underhand or hidden way, or even becomes your enemy are all possible interpretations. Jupiter is also in a loose square to Venus which might be further evidence. Venus lies to the right of Jupiter so Venus will overcome Jupiter in a 'contest' but the twelfth is the hidden place and as you rightly pick up, what is unseen can be a real threat simply because it is unseen. I think that is definitely something to pursue in the next stage. You might also want to ask this as a horary question.

At the next stage things become somewhat open ended. What you are concerned with is whether some of the things we've identified are things which will continue into the future (especially the activities of your brother). That leaves a large chunk of time to consider and I can't really do that in major detail, unless you have a feeling that something is going to happen at a particular time. What I can do is try and look for any broad trends that seem to be indicated. In the case of your brother, your Dad is the determining factor, as we're considering inheritance. So perhaps the next ten years is a good guess as to a period.
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