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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
A new card has emerged.

Llewellyn author Melanie Marquis just posted an image of the Two of Cups from an upcoming deck on her Facebook page - I have attached it to this post. She mentions Scott Murphy as the artist who has stated that he is working on the MS deck. Why am I excited?

1. More gorgeous art - let's get that out of the way, I love the details
2. Possibly hinting at GLBT relationships being represented in a deck, or if not...
3. At very least a definition of the Two of Cups that isn't caught up in love. Two people toasting their mutual success would be a lovely meaning for the Two of Cups. Certainly very magical.
That 2 of Cups is to die for. Absolutely the best I have ever seen. Alas, another deck I must have.
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